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Salt of the World

Rock Salt has a composition of around 99% of Sodium Chloride.

Maldon Salt is a salt produced in the United Kingdom and produced through the evaporation of water in heated recipients with fossil fuels, which was definitely not an ecological process.

Gray Salt (Sel Gris) is a traditional sea salt from France that has a grey colouring due to the dilution of mud in the salt.

Sea Salt is the most common of all and is collected in salt evaporation ponds by machines and later chemically washed, centrifuged, dried and many times whitened.

Refined Salt does not come directly from salt evaporation ponds. It is dissolved and recrystallized at a temperature and pressure controlled in industrial installations. The crystals are exclusively made up of sodium chloride and are all the same. They are dried by the heat of combustion of petroleum products and have additives of anticaking agent, aluminium oxicilicate and potassium ferrocyanide.

Salt Flakes is a similar product to the Maldon Salt where the burning of fossil fuels are used.

Himalayan Salt is a kind of rock salt with impurities which give it its characteristic colour.