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Salt Consuption

Salt consumption in food is a theme that in the last years has been very much addressed and sometimes even incorrectly, transmitting to the public opinion that salt is the No. 1 public enemy.

Salt, like most of the elements, must be consumed in a controlled and moderate way.

It is important to understand which salt is being consumed.

The social changes that occurred in the last decades have caused significant changes in the eating habits. The growing consumption of processed food, fast-food, and energy food have contributed to the increase of vascular and cancer diseases. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) a balanced diet with the appropriate consumption of fruit and vegetables reduces the risk of these diseases.

According to the same organization the salt consumption per day should be of around 5gr however this amount in some countries is a lot more.

At Necton we do not defend the increase of salt consumption. We defend the moderate consumption of salt and the consumption of 100% natural salt that besides NaCL has a set of other essential elements for a healthier life.

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