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Since Necton works in the food area, it knows how important food quality is and the responsibility that the products sold are in compliance with all the current norms.

Since 2005 Necton implemented the HACCP process for the entire Salt process, from the water quality assessment to the shipping of the final product to our Customers.

In order to have external assessments on the quality of its products, Necton has several Certifications that ensure the collection process and the final quality of the product.

Nature et Progress - certification since 1999
Certiplanet - certification since 2004

Kosher - certification since 2005
Eco-garantie - certification since 2007

Sativa - certification since 2009

Currently Necton is in the implementation phase of the BRC – British Retail Consortium, which will allow the company to have a global safety program and a global certification known worldwide.