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Necton's Salt

Established in 1997 to implement the technologies of production of microalgae developed in the University, it became very clear early on the potential of abandoned salt evaporation ponds. The recuperation of salt evaporation ponds and the reinvention of the traditional sea salt and the flor de sal (flower of salt) was probably the best innovation of the company to date.

Since salt is a product that is disregarded in the value chain and because the present national legislation makes it difficult to sell in the traditional version, it adopted a sales strategy that focuses on the exportation of all its production, the achievement of recognition in the external markets and the subsequent conquest of the national market.

The production of traditional sea salt and the flor de sal (flower of salt) is done through a unique methodology that joins the traditions passed on by our early salt workers with the modernity of the quality processes, management and innovation for the achievement of products of excellence.

Nowadays there are specific laws for Traditional Sea Salt production, which is 72/2008.
Necton’s facilities are composed by four salt ponds, with 350 pieces, and it’s foreseen the recovery of other salt ponds in the near.