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NECTON – The company’s name represents the set of aquatic beings that move freely in the water column with the help of their moving organs.

The origin of the Necton’s brand is closely associated with the company's Values and activities developed, where the company through its means seeks to achieve its objectives.


In the salt business, an adaptation was made with the logo “by Necton” that is made up of an image of a Salt Worker and the name "by Necton," which gives to the salt business all the operation logic of Necton.

The PhytoBloom brand, both in its name as well as figuratively, represents an explosion of phytoplankton. PhytoBloom’s range of products includes sets of microalgae concentrates (phytoplankton) sold to aquaculture hatcheries of marine fish and shellfish, aquariums, and research centres.
sal necton
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Microalgas necton
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