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Ria Formosa is a vast ecosystem that extends through the municipalities of Loulé, Faro, Olhão, Tavira and Vila Real de Santo António, covering an area of around 18,400 hectares along 60 kilometres with a maximum width of around 6 Km.

This protected area considered a Natural Park is protected at the south by the Atlantic Ocean and at the north it has salt evaporation ponds and small sandy beaches.

A quick visit through the channels and barrier islands of Ria Formosa allows you to highlight in this living space a set of dominating economic activities, which have in the richness of Ria Formosa’s waters and in the climate its main production factors. Among the several activities in which the development can be sustainable in these sensitive areas of nature, the main ones are Salt Evaporation Ponds, Cultivation of Molluscs, Creek Fishing, and Nature Tourism.
There are no heavy industries at Ria Formosa which contributes for the high quality of the water. Thus salt quality is not threatened.