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Flor de Sal

Flower of Salt has always been consumed in Portugal by the salt workers in their homes. They would give it the name of “curd” for it would float to the surface of the water just like the cream in milk.

The Flower of Salt is made up of light crystals in the form of pallets of extreme whiteness that form on the surface of the small parts of the salt evaporation pond forming a thin layer of salt that covers them.  This layer is collected every day manually with a squeegee by the salt workers.
The great advantage of the Flower of Salt is the better and different taste it gives to the food.

The Flower of Salt should be used after the making and before the serving to give a special seasoning or on the table for those who like a little more salt, replacing the tasteless refined salt.
Flower of Salt production time is shorter than Traditional Sea Salt production. As a result of that the production is minor reducing the availability of the product.